New Augmented Reality TCT Infoboards @ Sirmium & Belgrade, serbia

Testing ‪#‎AR‬ glasses at new ‪#‎TCT‬ infoboard. Check out Roman Emperor Konstancius at streets of Belgrade...

TCT @ InsideAR 2014, Munich

TCT @ Best in Heritage 2014, Dubrovnik

TCT @ Augmented World Expo 2013, Silicon Valley

Techcooltour project was presented at AWE 2013 conference in Santa Clara, California. Jana Rodic from LiveViewStudio spoke within a panel dedicated to innovation in Automotive and Tourism.

TCT @ Mikser Festival 2013, Belgrade

TCT Exhibition in Rijeka, May 26th

Exhibition presenting TCT project results is opening today in Gallery Garbas, Uzarska 7 at 18h.
To fully experience and enjoy augmented reality presentations of 12 infoboards, there is a free wi-fi, as well as tehnical support for visitors. The exhibition will be opened every day from 10-13h and 16-19h until 3rd June.

TCT - Final Conference in Venice

On May 1st, the Final Conference of TCT project was organized in Venice. Partners and guests had the opportunity to experience augmented reality presentations of twelve monuments and learn more about the outputs and experiences of Techcooltour project...

AR Infoboard Testing in Italy

Augmented reality infoboard at Noventa di Piave Designer Outlet.

Workshop in Koper

The 2nd project workshop took place in Koper on March 15th. Participants had the opportunity to hear about TECHCOOLTOUR , as well as other initiatives bringing together culture, tourism and technology. A small demo of interactive map / brochure was presented by LiveViewStudio

Workshop: Technology at the service of Culture

Thanks to the cooperation with the Veneto Region and the Forum of Adriatic and Ionian Chambers of Commerce, the international workshop “Technology at the service of the culture: an opportunity for tourism” has been successfully organised on March the 1st 2013 in Venice at the headquarter of Unioncamere del Veneto, lead partner of the project TECH TOUR.
Partners and tourism operators took actively part in the one-day meeting to present the project and the sites involved in it, the augmented reality technology as well as case studies and best practices in the field of cultural tourism.
About 50 people attended the workshop, representing private and public stakeholders (local and regional authorities, ICT companies, tourism and cultural operators).

You may download the presentations from the links bellow:

Project description and technical issues
Introduction: the TECH-TOUR Project and its main outcomes – Valentina Colleselli, Unioncamere del Veneto download
The touristic flows along cultural and archaeological routes: some case histories – Manente, CISET download
Smart visitor recommender: a new technology applied to cultural tourism – Joan Borràs, CMCTUR Scientific and Technological Park of Tourism of Tarragona – Spain download
Technological Innovation applied to Aquileia's archaeological site – Gianni Fratte, Aquileia Foundation

Round table: innovation and tourism – Moderator: Francesco Pareti - Eurosportello Veneto
Jana Rodic, LiveViewStudio - SERBIA download
Enrico Longo, CultureActive – ITALY
Stefano Pregnolato, Card Delta del PO – ITALY download
Marco Cocciarini, Eo Tours - ITALY download

The Roman and Byzantine itineraries promoted within the project and other projects applied to tourism
The Roman and Byzantine itineraries for the valorisation of the concerned territories 
Marco Marinuzzi, Fondazione Aquileia download
Darko Komso, Archeological Museum of Pola download
Milena Joksimovic Pajevic, Center for Urban Development Belgrade download
Milena Joksimovic Pajevic and Darko Komso, Cultural and Historical sites in tech Tour project download

Introduction on the new funding opportunity for tourism: COSME AND HORIZON PROGRAMMES 2014-2020 - Francesco Pareti, Eurosportello Veneto download 1 2

Study cases and other EU projects applied to tourism
Roberto Turiddo Pugliese (Project Manager, Venezia Nativa Project - ITALY) download
Sandra Ilic (Project Manager, REVITAS Project - CROATIA)